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Life Coaching focus – What Do I Do Next?

DecisionsLet me introduce you to a simple career technology that guides people through a practical process as they undergo some major decision-making. Millions of people are at or approaching a crossroad in their life and under similar conditions. They are uncertain of their current and/or future employment, career path, education, etc.. This author saw a way to empower individuals by directing them into themselves to find the right choices that need to be made at this point in their life.

Premise 1: “You have all the right answers if you ask the right questions.”
There are 9 questions that when answered layout the choices before you to arrive at the better decision. Answer the questions below and place a brief summary in each respective square

  • Q 1. What are you currently doing? (GRID square B2)
  • Q 2. What have you done in the past that was successful and that you would want to do again? (GRID square B3) An old job or former business or partnership
  • Q 3. What have you done previously but could now do even better? (GRID square C3)
  • Q 4.What can you do differently in your current career that, by modifying it, would satisfy you? (GRID square C2) Same work different place, different work same place, go full time or go part-time.
  • Q 5.What is the next step up the ladder, the natural progression of where you are right now? (GRID square B1) Promotion, self-employed, partnership, consultant, semi-retired,  etc.
  • Q 6. What would be the most creative, innovative way you can take your existing skills into the future of your career or industry? (GRID square C1)
  • Q 7.What is the wildest thing you can see yourself capable of doing but have never done before? (GRID square A1) entertainer, scientist,
  • Q 8.What jobs or opportunities are available to you right now but are apart from your current career? (GRID square A2)
  • Q 9.What career have you been in before but have moved out? (GRID square A3)

Tetrault_GridPremise 2: “Focus on who you are today.”
It isn’t about what you can do or what is available in the current profession. It’s about focusing on who you are today and where do you want to go from here. The grid represents your options and your maturity, your emotions enabled by a clear think process, can make the right choice more obvious. Some times what you are afraid to do is a clear indicator of the next thing you really need to do.

Premise 3: “Allow yourself to be guided.”
Remember that YOU are the best one to choose what direction to take with your life. Trust yourself above everyone else. However, if there is someone in your life, like a parent, mate or close friend, a mentor or a coach in whom you value their opinion, by all means bounce your final decisions off them.

Yours in Real Life,

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