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How to Jump Start Your Mornings during Quarantine

How to Jump Start Your Mornings during Quarantine

Jump Start your Mornings

Quarantine is upon us and we are sleeping in longer, waking up later and later. Waking up late like this leaves us all exhausted! When we feel like that it makes us lazy and without purpose or even depressed. This is the sad reality of most people today suffering in this quarantine. You are stuck at home, not able to get around much and even worse, the authorities tell us to avoid going out unless you have something important or necessary to do. Depression starts to sink in and we lose motivation and start to get on each other’s nerves. How to Jump Start Your Mornings during quarantine?

People have a natural rhythm in our days that has been interrupted and we struggle to find meaning for the day. You may want to start looking at your elders in the family who have already adapted to a life what does not include going to work or going to school or helping family members get ready to go to work and school. Your daily routine is what you have lost. You need to make up a new one under quarantine conditions. How to jump start your morning is what I am talking about. Think about these ideas:

  1. Avoid going to bed too late. Not later than 11 pm so you can wake up no later than 7 am.
  2. Have something planned to do everyday so you have direction.
    – get cleaned up like always, make up your bed and clean up around yourself
    – have a light breakfast
    – read something inspiring, do a daily devotional
    – do 30 minutes of exercise every day (morning or evening)
    – have a project, something you have always wanted to do but never had the time
    – get ready for bed early enough so you are in bed on schedule

In addition, think about your health, eat right and lose some weight instead of gaining weight. Be careful to avoid too much internet time as this promotes poor posture as will make you get sore and sick. These are commonsense ideas but it seems sometimes we need to be reminded to live and apply this commonsense in our days. The best way to avoid sickness is to stay healthy. It sounds right to say it, but it is even more important to believe it so you live in support of that truth. Jump start your morning energy to have a better day. Stay well… Be well!

Get Healthy and stay healthy, says docMIKE!

yours in Real Health,

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