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Chiropractic in the Philippines – An Introduction

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Almost every Filipino is well aware of prioritizing dental health. Getting their teeth cleaned, managed and sometimes restored. But when it comes to spinal health, the average Pinoy is often left in the dark. “Chiropractic in the Philippines? What is that?” Sad to say, many people no longer have their teeth or the need for a Dentist any more; but, last time we looked, people always have their spine.

IMAGINE… what if there were NO DENTISTS in the Philippines? What if no dental clinics ever existed in Manila? Hard to imagine but not hard to think about the consequences:
1. bad breath and poor oral hygiene;
2. most people losing their teeth (all of them);
3. crooked teeth, and so forth.

Chiropractic AngelThe REALITY… As the first chiropractor in permanent practice in Cavite and with two branches in Manila I see a population that has not known about
1. spinal hygiene (more important than oral hygiene)
2. or about natural options to back and neck pain
3. or how to keep a healthy spine free from disability, advanced arthritis and crippling back pain.
This is an incredible responsibility!

The PROFESSION… Chiropractic is a worldwide conservative spinal healthcare profession consisting of nearly 100,000 practitioners in 115 countries. It takes high school + two years Pre-Med in University + 5 years of chiropractic school to become a Doctor. In America and Canada a full bachelor’s degree is required before the 5 year professional training. This is someone you can trust with your health and the health of your children.

What Chiropractic MEANS TO YOU…

  • Do you hate to take pills and wish there was a way to get better, to get well, to get out of pain and to stay healthy without drugs?… You will find chiropractic a smart and safe option to consider.
  • Do you suffer from unresolved health problems, even though you have gone to doctor after doctor to help? It is possible that an unhealthy spine could be the reason your body cannot fully heal… You too will find chiropractic a smart and safe option to consider.
  • Are you in pain? Any kind of pain that you can’t seem to get rid of it and that returns after the medication wears out. … You too will find chiropractic a smart and safe option to consider.

Seriously consider if chiropractic can help you if you regularly suffer from any of these common symptoms:

Neck pain
Migraine Headaches
Mid back pain
Lower back pain
Sports injuries
Hip Pain
Shoulder pain
Leg pain
Arm pain
Knee pain
Carpal Tunnel
Ankle pain
Wrist pain
Hand numbness
Foot numbness
Slipped disc
Herniated disc

Help is just an email, text or phone call away. Visit my clinic website,

Yours in Health,

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