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Posture Pageant

Mr. & Ms. Posture Philippines

Posture PageantWouldn’t you like to have perfect posture? Perhaps you already have perfect posture. Then you may qualify to be a candidate and join the 2022 Perfect Posture Pageant. This is organized by the Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps which has tie-ups with Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics, Mabuhay Health, and the University of Makati, with many other sponsors invited as well.

This is the launching of an exclusive annual Philippine Pageant. As with any pageant, we are looking for well-rounded individuals who desire to be an ambassador that represents a public health campaign to help Filipinos live better, healthier, and longer lives. Also to aspire for a career in Chiropractic as a clinician, researcher or educator.

Mr. & Mr. Posture  Philippines is an unconventional pageant that carries out the ideals and mission of Mabuhay Health which aims to create awareness about alternative health care and the natural lifestyle. It also aims to touch more lives, to create a movement that will make a significant difference in our community by teaching, informing, and engaging people to THINK, EAT and MOVE right.

This unique concept enables young men and women to become a contemporary ambassador for alternative health care and natural lifestyle which will help to create positive change in the community. It is said that a healthy society ignites people and nations to economic prosperity and a happier life.

Mr. & Ms. Posture Philippines is chosen according to the following criteria:
⮚ Long Gown & Formal Wear 15 %
⮚ Swimwear 15%
⮚ Voting 15%
⮚ Panel Interview 10%
⮚ Essay Writing Section 10%
⮚ Promotional Videos 15%
⮚ Register your LOVE Challenge 20%

Who can JOIN?
⮚ Mr and Ms can be single, married, single parent, widow, or even separated
⮚ 19 to 35 years old
⮚ With Filipino Lineage
⮚ Should register as a Mabuhay Health GOLD Member
⮚ No criminal records
⮚ Not involved in any scandalous events and/or any forms of exploitation
⮚ Confident and passionate about natural health lifestyle

Exciting prizes await to the chosen winners as Mabuhay Health will be giving away:
⮚ Crown, Sash, Plaque, 4-year Scholarship package (non-transferable) from Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics and University of Makati (co-sponsors)
⮚ 100, 000 pesos each
⮚ 36 sessions of chiropractic service worth P100,000 valid for one year,
⮚ wardrobe package
⮚ travel package
⮚ gift certificates
⮚ grocery package
⮚ life Insurance package
⮚ and one-time 30% discount for immediate family members to any of the Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics nationwide located in busy malls.

The finals will be broadcast in late April via LIVE Streaming and will have its LATE telecast on TV ( Channel & Schedule TBA)

To find out more watch the teaser and instructional videos. or introduce yourself in a contact-us message.

Yours in Real Health,

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