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postureWith so many Call Centers in operation in the Philippines it is not surprising that an industry focused on International telecom service solutions recognizes the need to address repetitive postural stress aspect of their workforce. This week the Philippine College of Science and Technology invited me to present information on Posture and Ergonomics to their students, to their faculty and to the corporate partners in Industry. In the same week I was approached by the makers of BackJoy to work with their research team focused on product effectiveness. We discussed some research activities to better direct their product offerings based on posture screening results. Last month I met with Blue Cross to discuss a Corporate Wellness program to reduce the costs of morbidity in their mid-level management. It is notable to see industry and education institutions interested in posture and ergonomics at this time in the socio-economical advancements of the Philippines.

There is much we can learn from studies and processes already developed in Western countries. Industrial forensics on ergonomics and work injury prevention has a long way to go in the Philippines, but due attention by those companies ready to step up and lead in this effort, they will be the first ones to benefit from improved worker retention, improved worker productivity, reduced total sick days and lower HMO premiums due to lower medical utilization.

As a 35+ year Wellness practitioner I see that there is much that can be done by shifting from the typical reactive: “oh, my workers are sick so let’s give them HMO coverage;” to the proactive: “how do we help our employees regain their health?” This reflects a shift in management ‘s understanding that a little investment in the well being of their employees will go a long way to improving the company’s bottom line.

I will share more about these developments as things evolve, as industry and education rely more and more on learned experts like myself in the Wellness area. The roles I see becoming of greater involvement this year will touch on research, on exploring creative product developments, on public awareness of posture and health, and improving corporations’ options such as service-based, information-based and product-based solutions. 2015 may be the turning point in perhaps interesting the government to direct industry to be more corporately responsible for the damaging effects of repetitive stress in their manufacturing and other service operations.

There are already several blogs I have touched on over the past two years that can bring a deeper understanding of this bold new direction. You are invited to become a student of docMIKEblog.com. Become the well informed health center action person in your family and in your circle of friends. I keep reminding people that sickness is not an accident but we have to expand our knowledge base and deepen our understanding of why people must undergo a positive transformation to get on the correct pathway to live upward to 100 and be healthy the entire journey.

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