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Metabolic Syndrome: Stage Zero Vs Stage Five

Metabolic Syndrome: Stage Zero Vs Stage Five

Vitruvian man on old paper backgroundThese next few weeks we are writing on a series introducing a health focus concept revolving around the term or state of the body’s metabolic status otherwise referred to as Metabolic Syndrome (MSy). There are 5 stages to MSy and we will contrast Stage 0 and 5 this week; Stage 1 and 4 next week and Stage 2 and 3 the following week.

Stage Zero Metabolic Syndrome
(Health profile is 10 out of 10)

Plainly speaking, this is just expressing health in abundance. This is the state in which, whatever is experienced by the body throughout the day, there is a timely and full restoration of the body systems; a repair of the cells and replenishing of the reserves needed to maintain and preserve the body within nature’s best timeline.

It would be incorrect to assume that a person in this healthy state never experiences symptoms attributable to the daily exposures to health stressors such as foreign substances or temporary shortcomings of poor lifestyle decisions for a short period of time. A simple example is someone why may be unaccustomed to high levels of alcohol, but due to social or other reasons, participates in high alcohol intake. A healthy person will still experience the effects of alcohol on the brain and the effects of dehydration on all systems. But, having adequate metabolic reserves will recover with rehydration and the natural metabolizing of the alcohol itself… thereby restoring homeostasis. A healthy person can still get cut and see the healing take efficiently take place with no residuals; even if some tissues may take months to be restored, as in a bone fracture.

In contrast we will look at the other end of the spectrum, when health has been severely lost and disease management is the agenda of the day to day concerns; such as checking blood daily to monitor a variety of biometrics like blood pressure and blood glucose levels. This is quite the opposite from a healthy person that only needs to perform these biometrics perhaps one or twice every 10 years. This is supposed to be our NORMAL STATE. How far have we moved away from being a “10” in health?

Stage 5 Metabolic Syndrome
Health rating is 1 out of 10

The most common manifestation of MSy is Diabetes type 2. At this advanced stage of the disease the person is  under heavy medical management, including daily Insulin shots and perhaps even Dialysis. At this stage there are real concerns about disabling stroke, heart disease and neurological deficits in both the eyes and in the extremities.


This means… Metabolic Syndrome is extremely advanced into Diabetes type 2.  Only help that can take place would be if the person is absolutely determined to make the serious life changes in exercise and nutrition. Goal is to manage blood glucose to the degree that insulin can safely be replaced with oral medications. This would downgrade the person to the Stage 4 Metabolic Syndrome, which we will discuss in next week’s blog.

Yours in Serious Health,

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