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Nicotine deaths per year is close to 8 million

Nicotine deaths per year is close to 8 million

Smoking global deaths8,000,000 deaths per year reported world wide!!! What it this global pandemic caused by??? NICOTINE:                                       (This is NOT a COVID-19 related chart)

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There is an annual epidemic that does not cause closures of schools, governments, businesses and disrupts our lifestyles. It is SMOKING!  We are not out raged by this and yet for a transitory flu that has little more than a mortality rate reflecting the usual typical annual flu… yet our lives are turned upside down. Why? We just want the real truth.

Focusing on public health is important. Focusing on public of issues that cause mortality is equally important. We should all exercise caution in our daily lives but this particular round of public health scare is more dangerous than the condition itself, then the disease itself. Stress aggravating existing diseases is the bigger killer than the virus and many many people counted as coronavirus deaths are actually caused by unrelated diseases, yet blamed on the virus.  Do the tobacco enterprises want to distract the world’s attention away from their true death rates. How many people died of tobacco related lifestyle use of their products conveniently blamed on the virus? Nicotine deaths are avoidable and so are virus deaths. Why?*

Physically weak people will suffer and die and may not survive any cold or flu season. This is already known, making this public health pandemic tragically upside down. Instead of scare tactics there should be constant public education and building of actual immunity, a focus on living healthy lifestyles. As it has always been said: “AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE” and this is never more relevant than in today’s virus scare.

Sad for the Philippines that it only has three or four dozen chiropractors in this country compared to other countries. Filipinos have no idea how important it is to have their spine and nerve checked and the focus on natural health practices advocated by chiropractors with their patients. These viruses will keep mutating and keep coming at us every year. You don’t need another vaccine, you need a better lifestyle transformation. 50% of Filipinos are at risk of diabetes and that to me is an epidemic. A person with a healthy spine and nervous system, with a healthy metabolism and immune system will always survive this type of virus. Stop worrying about the second wave of the virus and be prepared, be proactive, be smart, get healthy and stay healthy.

Smoking deaths are the most preventable causes of death because a person can just quit smoking. Nicotine deaths are avoidable and so are virus deaths. How to avoid death from a virus? Stay very healthy!

Get Healthy and stay healthy, says docMIKE!

Yours in Real Health,

*PS: I have been an anti-smoking advocate for most of my life about the sinister consequences of these products, and the truth behind why tobacco continues to be sold is not being told. Now the same questions are being asked about the way this pandemic has been managed, causing massive economic damages; irreparable damage to millions of families. The truth, please!

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