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The 80 to 90 Year Old Story


To all our faithful reader, fans and followers, may you realize all the blessings and benefits of making all the right choices and actions in 2015.

Last week we touched on the alternative life scenario whereby one denies themselves 20 good years of living by failing to avoid all the wrong things and by avoiding to do all the right things. Life is a gift, a special gift God gives us to share love with others, to learn and grow, to make a contribution; a gift of life that you can live well into your 90’s in good health, with vitality and clarity of mind and body. But that journey begins now, if you are not already on that correct path.

In our blog last month we described what healthy living is and what it is not. You may want to read that blog next.

I would like to end the year with a prayer for all our readers and fans,  wishing that you make a New Year’s Pledge (stronger than a N.Y. resolution that fades after a few weeks) that you will read one of my Blogs every week and take ONE ACTION on the lessons of that blog. Before you know it you will truly experience a year of positive transformation.

Yours in Life,

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