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Sedentary epidemic

exercise 1Sedentary life-styles of today are at epidemic levels and are contributing to many neuromusculoskeletal problems as well as a principal contributor to the highest incidence of Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin resistance in history. Where will people seek help from this epidemic? Today they have two choices: the customary drugs and surgery professions OR the natural and alternative professions; chiropractors being the most formally educated of this latter group.

60% of today’s 16-34 year old suffer from headaches, neck and shoulder pain and an increased occurrence of curvature of the upper spine. This mostly attributed to what is now becoming a 21st Century disorder called “Tech-Neck”. Forward head position that is assumed while texting, working at the computer, checking Facebook and other social media, etc. is causing epidemic level incidents of upper spine and nerve problem.

The signs and symptoms in the 20 something and 30 something generation remain mild to occasionally moderate but the slow, progressive spinal disc degeneration will sadly not be noticed until another decade or more when the condition progress into chronic degenerative disc disease and spondylosis. Other observed disorders are kyphosis, depression, breathing restrictions, acid reflux and other Vagus nerve irritation symptoms.

The World Health Organization studied the increase in Diabetes in Asia and found that although these cultures eat a lot of high glycemic foods like rice, the study revealed that the number one contributing factor is the increase in motorized mobility in Asia. People used to walk and ride bicycles to do their regular daily travels but today they can jump on any number of quick public utility vehicles.

We simply don’t move as much as we used to on a regular daily basis. Sure the younger people are becoming more interested in exercise and fitness but the majority just live a life of energy mismanagement; that is consuming more energy than is being spent. Year by year people just get fatter and fatter, making all kinds of excuses that this is not a problem, until it is, then it must just be bad luck that their health has been compromised,
right? I don’t think that is true.

Another way to look at this is to move away from the disease model that requires that you first get sick, then once the tests show something wrong, you can then be put on maintenance medications. This is true and you know what I am talking about!

Alternatively, you can focus instead on those markers that show the healthy side of you and make those markers increase; because if you don’t they will surely decrease and then option 1 is what you are facing. What markers you ask? Your body mass index (BMI), your basal metabolic rate (BMR), your percentage of body fat and your weight. These do not require a doctor to test you or evaluate you. It just requires your good common sense to
follow when these numbers are going in the wrong direction. Guess what the number one #1 solution is to fix these wrong numbers? Correct, not drugs, but exercise, move more and regularly, and cut out the garbage or junk foods.

Sounds simple because it is but I didn’t say it was easy!

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