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Happy 2nd Anniversary docMIKE Blog!

2nd-AnniversaryThis month we will reach 160 blogs published for the benefit of our followers.

Every month we take note of the different topics asked by our patients and the community at large to plan out which blogs to write that month. Sometimes a different conversation puts one subject ahead of the line and we post that same week.

As time goes on we are finding that our chiropractors are now referring to docMIKEblog daily as our patient education and instructions for care following their chiropractic sessions. This has become Asia’s Premiere Blog on Wellness; just look at the coverage.

Summarizing the index at this 2nd anniversary we find several topics are covered per blog:

The overwhelming topic is WELLNESS! (no big surprise there)

The significant news at this particular celebration is the recent addition to the blog of the “School of Wellness”  that you can find on the top menu bar. If you firmly believe that you are the person at cause in your life and health and want to better serve the needs of your family, become a student and attain the level of a Wellness Counselor.

We look forward to a continued interesting and diverse year of raising the bar on personal health and wellness matters. You are welcome to Ask docMIKE on any subject if you don’t already find it covered in the growing blog archives.

I pray for all our followers, to enjoy the good life in the body God prepared for you and to tutor you to become better custodians of your bodies. Appreciate your continued interest.

God Bless,

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