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Metabolic Syndrome Stage 2 Vs Stage 3

Metabolic Syndrome Stage 2 Vs Stage 3

Metabolic Syndrome SeriesThis is session 3 of 3 that we are writing on a series introducing a health focus concept revolving around the term or state of the body’s metabolic status otherwise referred to as Metabolic Syndrome (MSy). There are 5 stages to MSy and we will contrast Stage 2 and 3 this week to conclude the series. We advise you to read the previous blogs on Stage 0 Vs Stage 5 and Stage 1 Vs Stage 4.

Stage 2 – Metabolic Syndrome
(Health profile is a 6 – 7 out of 10)

At this stage people already starting to become unwell and unhealthy from time to time. Annual Physical Exams show 1 or 2 reoccurring abnormal test results. It now seems easier to get sick and longer to recover. One way to put it is that you don’t yet see yourself as a sickly person, but you don’t see yourself as a healthy person either any more.


This means that Metabolic Syndrome has begun to show signs of Hypertension, early Cardio-vascular disease, abnormal blood lipid levels and Diabetes. This is mostly due to increased weight and loss of muscle tone. Causes are lack of physical activity and consistent poor eating habits.

It’s not that we don’t know what to do of how to take care of ourselves but we get busy with life’s responsibilities and have not made health a high enough priority to pay the price, make the right choices and to stick to them. One choice people make is to accept that the doctors are helping to solve your problems by having you start a medication program. It is a slippery slope that starts here when one only focuses on changing examination test findings by taking drugs and truly restoring your health. Medical protocols to manage blood values may intend well to prevent the escalation or disease; but in fact this is accomplishing just the opposite.

How on earth is it possible for someone to be truly healthy when they have to be on medication?

When you think this statement through it becomes rather obvious that, other than a temporary mandatory medical intervention of relatively short duration, that staying on maintenance medication has just enslaved the patient to a lifetime of being a sick person. I always wonder why, when there are real solutions to restore one’s health, we find so many people falling into this trap. Is it laziness or poor education? A false belief system is where I see the problem and pray that exposure to these blogs can be the AWAKENING needed to revisit these compromising beliefs and a pathway to self-empowerment, to TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR OWN HEALTH.

Why is this important? Just read into where this goes next and this speaks volumes in so few words about the truth to the matter… falling into stage 3, 4 then 5 must be avoided!


Stage 3 – Metabolic Syndrome
(Health profile is now a 4 – 5 out of 10)

As predicted, people here are already or mostly likely on maintenance medications. There are now several, three or more, reoccurring abnormal blood tests on APEs and there are other poor test results also present.


This means that at this stage Metabolic Syndrome has already fully advanced into Diabetes and/or other chronic diseases such as Hypertension, Cardiovascular disease and abnormal blood lipid levels.

What people do not realize, certainly not from their medical doctors, is that this level MAY BE managed by diet alone and without medications. I am not saying that your MDs are steering you wrong for some reason or another. It is just that this is their only way of doing thing they know and have been exposed to. In natural health circles we find thousands of people who become self-educated and actually know much more about health restoration than anything their medical doctors can contribute. If it is your understanding, your expectation that your family doctor knows it all or has all the answers; that you have to blindly follow their recommendations for medications or surgery…. my dear, dear reader, take note that your future will depend very much on what you think right now.

Now is the time to open your mind and see that the best pathway for your future health outcomes, to preserve your health, to prevent disease and to select the best options to restore and maintain your health lies in this MOMENT OF TRUTH. It is not your doctor’s responsibility to keep you healthy! That responsibility can only be left up to you because nobody, no matter how trained or sincere they are, can ever be as interested in your, your future, your health, than you, yourself.

You can restore your health! You can reverse your Diabetes! Believe me, you can do it. The can serve as your initial platform in this transformation, but you must also broaden your circle of information and then make your best decisions.

It is my distinct privilege to open this doorway and to support you.

Yours in Serious Health,

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