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Wellness Reflections: Do You Ignore or Procrastinate Too Much?

It is said that the things that you ignore are the things that you lose in your life. Its true !

You ignore your friends and they disappear. You ignore exercising and your muscles disappear. You ignore your waist line and it too disappears! 😉 lol  You ignore the things that are important and they will vanish simply because your focus is somewhere else and attrition is a natural consequence of the forces of life.

Isn’t it time you focused on the things that are important about your health? It is not that hard to understand. Stop making excuses for bad behavior, bad choices that don’t seem to have a measurable consequence at the moment; because one day, when its too late, the consequences will catch up to you, and you know they will.

Decide THREE things that you will improve right away:
1. Stop doing something bad
2. Start doing something very good
3. Strengthen something you do that’s good but just needs more effort.

Five most dangerous words people often use are:“Maybe It Will Go Away.” Have you heard yourself saying that? Is this a form of procrastination or just that that you are taking the path of least resistance? Fact is we all have enough legitimate experiences that tell us that small health problems can go away on their own. The message here is to pay attention to the fact that a condition that repeats itself, even though experienced at different times, is telling you that it is in fact not really going away and continuing to procrastinate or ignore the problem is not wise.

Truth is that if we tolerate small things we find over time that our life is surrounded by things that now define us, but at a much lower standard; causing much more stress and unhappiness.

Food for thought,

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