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The One Thing You Should Be Regularly Doing While on Lock-down

The One Thing You Should Be Regularly Doing While on Lock-down

(and no, it’s not washing your hands)

Well first, when should you wash your hands? Anytime you go out from home and return. Do this before touching your personal and home items. If you are fortunate to still be working, same applies when you get to work. If your work involves regular contact with people, then with some regularity during the workday.

OK, to open up your mind, step outside of yourself just a moment and contemplate on the one idea; the one thing you should or could be doing regularly while on lock-down, while quarantined or just restricted at home? What would that be… for you? There is no magic bullet here. We are all created uniquely by God and that means that only you can have that perfect answer. So, let’s explore some ideas and we do this by you thinking about these top six areas and then rating each on a scale of 1 – 10 so it comes easy to see which are the top 2, the middle 2 and the bottom 2.

___ Prayer

___ Fitness

___ De-stress

___ Education

___ Keep your house super clean

___ Focus on the people close to you

___ Other…

Now, write down the top two you have selected and explain to yourself why. Why is this a top value area for you to devote the majority of your lockdown time to do? This mental exercise will help reveal to you what you value the most in life at this time and how you can make the most of this unexpected time, to good use. Oh! If the one thing you should be regularly doing is not on this list… you just found it! Write in that one and then DO IT!

Get Healthy and stay healthy, says docMIKE!

Yours in Health,

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