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The 60 to 70 Year Life Story

Merry Christmas to our readers! Jesus is King, we know it and love Him for it.

The 60 to 70 Year Life Story is the one that ends up in an early demise. We have the same genetic potential to live until the oldest member of our ancestry. Merle Barwis was the oldest person in Canada. Last year she celebrated her 113th birthday two days before Christmas. This week she isn’t with us having passed away just a month ago. There are another 12 people still older than her in the world.

Scientists said for years that our bodies have the ability to live until 120 years old. Recently scientists are revising their findings and saying that we can actually live up to 150 years old!  Why do we die at half that age?

I talk to people about the 60/70 year old story and the 80/90 year old story.  The latter group don’t end up there by accident, although there is some genetic advantage that helps them get there. Truth is that people mostly end up in the former group, dying in their 60’s or 70’s, and this is definitely not by accident. We die at least 20 years younger than we should because somewhere along life’s lessons, people permit or makes excuses for doing all or some of the wrong things and definitely have not been good at doing most or all of the right things to keep their bodies in a healthy shape.

My Problems are the Result of Doing too Many of the
WRONG Things and Not Enough of the RIGHT Things!

We spend all of our adult lives working to get an education, build a future, raise a family in order that we can enjoy a happy retirement. Then we die! Sad isn’t it?  I have six children, eight grand children (so far) and already am a great-grandfather of two and I am only in my 60’s. There is soooo much reason to live a long and healthy life. How about YOU…  will you join me into committing to living a life that comes much closer to 100+ then just succumbing to the alternate story?

My Christmas wish for all my readers is to diligently search this blog for the tools, for the answers, for the directions, for the common sense that dominates these pages. In the end you will be blessed with a long and healthy life. Merry Christmas!

Yours in Health,

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