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Massages That Go Wrong

Painfull massage

Painfull massageThere are well understood benefits of getting a massage on a regular or irregular basis. However, we also hear of times when people experience pain and disability following a massage. What happened? As a chiropractor I see this often enough to be disturbed even though I can mostly fix the damages.

Rarely do we hear of an adverse reaction to a massage when the therapist sticks to muscle manipulation only. Swedish massage uses effleurage (light touch), medium pressure motions over the muscles and deeper petrissage (like kneading bread dough). Shiatsu is an Asian massage that involves the use of trigger point techniques. Rolfing is less common in Asia but it uses a special ligament and connective tissue technique that is quite painful to undergo but has measurable results. A less known body work method is called Reiki where there is no actual touching, just more of an energy exchange technique.

When the massage is properly performed there should never be any lingering painful side effects. That being said the main potential danger of getting hurt during a massage is when the therapist goes beyond their allowed methods and they start to actually manipulate the body’s joints. As a chiropractor with five years formal professional training enabling a decision process that permits only safe manipulation techniques of the spine and extremities, it is inconceivable and highly irresponsible that these massage therapists will try to stretch and manipulate any body part. They mainly injure the ligaments!

Why they do this seems to be poor training, little accountability for damages caused and an unhealthy pride that makes the therapist think they are more than a therapist, that they are better than the rest because they engage in “other things” and these individuals are VERY DANGEROUS. Truth be known, nobody holds these characters accountable; clients just don’t go back and so they leave the next unsuspecting victim to experience the same injury risks.

Next time that happens to you or someone you know call the police, it is an ASSAULT to your body and it is a crime. Until we hold these characters accountable this will continue. Remember that the things we tolerate in life are the things we have in life.

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