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why-me wbWhen bad things happen to good people we find ourselves asking: “Why me Lord?” Should illness strike it is the same feeling. Do we really suffer misfortunes in life because of bad luck or unexpected events beyond our control? Sometimes we do but mostly we are at cause by omission or commission.

Fact is most unfortunate things we experience could have been avoided with better preparation, with better focus or more awareness, with appropriate and timely actions. So in a way we can say these things are self-inflicted.

Earlier this year I wrote a blog titled: “Health is not an Accident, and neither is Sickness an Accident.” Sort of answers the first question: “Why me?” Worth visiting that blog again.

Being trapped in the WHY zone  robs us of personal power. It implies that other forces are at cause, meaning we abdicate the present situation and become resigned to external powers. Perhaps a little more “Why Not!” in life will keep us in a better place.

When we study our lives objectively and focus on living in the “Why Not” realms, there are few unexpected events we cannot handle. We cannot control external events and sadly many times even cannot control our selves for that matter but we can improve how we respond by having enough reserves of time, money for effective solutions.

Since My blogs are focused on health and wellness,  the message today is to raise your consciousness on becoming “at cause” of important aspects of your life, or your health. The importance of getting enough rest so our minds and bodies can regenerate and improve our capacity to respond both physically and mentally. The importance of staying fit and avoiding obesity, the major cause of illness today. Avoiding other preventable causes of disease like smoking or excessive alcohol.

Truthfully, we will always be at some risk of loss or risk of misfortune but having faith that there is a God can give us the courage to face life’s tragedies that are unavoidable. It helps to see these bad things in a different light, even as an opportunity for personal growth that comes from confronting adversities.

why-meWhen we are at cause in our lives there is no room for placing blame on God or anyone else for that matter because all our time and energy is focused on the solution. Asking: “Why me?” is just  being human but to keep asking that is pitiful and unproductive.  If you think about it, doing the opposite by looking to blame others means you have to wait for the others to come up with solutions, leaving you stuck, leaving you powerless. Who wants that? Be well! Be strong! Be at cause!

Yours in Real Life,

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