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How Active are You?

How active are you? When ever we are engaged in physical activities there is a positive health benefit; especially if the activity is repeated to increase skills and eventually personal enjoyment and satisfaction. People eventually suffer a growing list of health problems because they just never get around to developing a physicaly active lifestyle.

“Things are the way things are because of the way things have been. Things need proper change for things to get better.” docMIKE

Reports state that every generation since 1950 has become obese and Diabetic one decade earlier than the preceeding generation. As you know, the rate of obesity is growing every year and to a greater degree than we wish to admit, due to the fact the we have too little physical activity in our lives. This goes on too many years and the following facts become a reality:

  1. Increased size of fat deposits that make us overweight and also physically unattractive
  2. Decreased muscle tone making people weak with also less shapely or attractive bodies
  3. Decreased basal metabolic rate (BMR) due to lower muscle to fat ratios
  4. The lower BMR increases the rate of fat accumulation
  5. The lack of energy increases depression and decreases interest in physical activities
  6. It becomes a viscious cycle ending in Chronic Disease: Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Disease, high blood lipids, etc.

I am sure you can write your own story between the lines but the question that jumps out between these lines is quite obvious… the big elephant in the middle of the room, so-to-say. When will you (or people you know) confront the reality that there just isn’t enough physical activity to burn up the excess energy being consumed by wrong dietary habits?

Oh we will talk later about the right eating habits but today I want you to confront your need to maintain higher fitness priorities because there is little point in improving your diet if the BMR cannot be sustained at proper levels. So will you?!

Next comes the process of comfortably fitting into your schedule enough exercise, enough daily fitness activities, enough group and/or individual fitness plans to restore your BMR. Permit me to list just a few items to get you started. Its really not that impossible.

  1. List the things you like to do, also include things you used to do, that were fun
  2. Determine where you can do each of these things
  3. Take a monthly calendar and write in what days you will do each activitiy
  4. Make a list of people you want / can do some of these things together
  5. Plan make-up days for those times you unexpectedly have to skip an activity
  6. Go over your activity schedule once a week adding the resolve to do everything you can

Wellness is the pursuit of health or of health lost. It is much easier to get started on doing more of the right things now than to delay until later. It is just common sense! One last thing, the reason we don’t feel the urgency to fix these things we obviously know to do is because at the moment we just don’t feel or experience the consequences that are suffered eventually. Its almost like you think you are getting away with it (until you don’t).

Food for thought.

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