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Fountain of Youth Vs Dieting

fountainofyouthThe problem we have in searching for the proverbial fountain of youth is that we believe it is to be found in some remote, exotic location somewhere in the bowels of the earth, and that this elusive elixir has magical properties that will instantly restore our health. That is just too much Hollywood for the real world. Don’t you think? Has anyone ever found the true Fountain of Youth? Why is it that no one ever finds it? Well, maybe the real answer is “not somewhere out there” but somewhere within! The truth is the Fountain of Youth is so well hidden that it could be found in the last place mankind would look for it, in themselves. That is correct! The answer has always been staring at us in the mirror every day.

Setting aside rare congenital defects and unfortunate, unpredictable events we should live a long and healthy life. That is the genetic potential we are given. One that should keep us free from disease, yet we fail to preserve that internal state of homeostasis that naturally restores us after our every day’s activities. Gradually, over time, our systems become overwhelmed and one tissue group then another begins to show signs of malfunction; signs and symptoms of disease begin to manifest themselves and then get sick, then chronically ill; then we experience a painful and premature death.

A little too morbid? We may succumb to the worse case scenario when we fail to make future consequences real in our present life. Take Diabetes for example. Blood sugar values gradually increase as we abandon or decrease much of the physical activities we did in our youth; then the body fat increases, the blood levels of a wide variety of molecules, cells and compounds increase in concentration as well; insulin levels rise with glucose levels resulting in hypertension along with several other higher blood values. Over a period of ten years when one could claim that they were a 9 or a 10 out of 10 in rating their overall health; now they are looking at a rating of 6 or even 4, with a growing number of medications taken for both intervention and maintenance. Sadly this scenario describes about 75% of adults today compared to less than 25% decades ago.

A not-so-long way of making the point that people are in trouble and they are making poor choices in restoring their health. The philosophy of a drug based culture that says that there will be a drug to cure every disease has long been proven wrong quite some time ago, yet people still hold to that idea; simply because it is the path of least resistance and of least effort. The future holds two possible stories for you: the 60-70 year old life story and the 80-90 year old life story. Well, there is a third story, the 100+ year life for those who embrace future consequences earlier in life, avoiding much tissue damage and preserving homeostasis. The latter group have a reformed or transformed philosophy of life and health that makes then responsible for their health, and not their doctor’s responsibility. They are the ones who know that it is the little things that we do everyday that have the greatest impact on our health and longevity. In a way, they have discovered their very own fountain of youth.

Learn all about this health based philosophy and process that can be your very own Fountain of Youth. But, first, ask yourself these very important questions:

  1. Do you think that if there was a fountain of youth, it could cure Diabetes?
  2. Do you think that a natural method is more sustainable than a synthetic drug approach?
  3. Do you think that just managing blood sugar will ever cure Diabetes?
  4. Did you know that the World’s Best Weight Loss program is Not a Diet?
  5. Would you be interested in a program that trains and equips a person to manage their weight for a lifetime of regular maintenance?

Let me close this discussion by saying this: “When you are ready to properly answer these 5 questions and are ready to abandon your old false preconceptions about life and health; when you are ready to adopt a new philosophy, then you can learn what you need to know by becoming a student of the School of Wellness. Only by reprogramming your existing brain with better and correct information can you transform your everyday decisions and actions. Curing Diabetes without dieting will be your story, as you tell it to your great grandchildren, as you advise them to follow your example.

Yours in Real Health,

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