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5 Essentials – Proper Nerve Supply

Health Index Rating ScaleOn the scale of one (1) to ten (10) with ten being optimal, rate yourself on how well you are doing with nerve supply. RATE: ____

5. Proper Nerve Supply:

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Admittedly, this is the hardest one to answer because people may be familiar with Oral health and a bright smile; but poorly educated or informed about Spinal Health and a healthy posture. This one is where people look like a puppy with one ear pointing up and the head bent to one side.

We can appreciate the value of proper nutrition, fitness, rest and even correct thinking but it takes a little effort to understand the importance of proper nerve supply as an essential part of health. It is actually an essential part of life itself.

The nervous system is the first organised structure to appear in the embryonic stage of your life, this enabled the body to coordinate the formation of your embryo, fetus and become a whole person. After birth the nervous system continues to regulate every function of your body. What people don’t get to hear very often is that it is essential to preserve this by having your spine and nerves checked. We can’t digest food properly, or build muscle or even get a decent night’s sleep without a properly functioning nervous system.

There is a long story behind why medicine has dominated the healthcare systems and why spinal experts like chiropractors have been marginalized by organized medicine. The philosophical difference as to whether we should let science and economically motivated industries mostly dictate how to advance healthcare or if nature should be at the center of that process is in part the answer, but people have suffered being stuck in the middle of this debate and money wins the day.

The huge profits generated by drug companies has trumped the medical sickness and disease management philosophy, greatly limiting the public’s perceptions of letting nature do the healing Vs drugs and surgery. Like I said, this is a long story but in the end, you the health care consumer, has been left hanging out to dry, left to pay that huge hospital or pharmacy bill; never or rarely considering the significance and importance of maintaining a proper nerve supply.

Chiropractic AngelAt this time in history, it is the Chiropractic profession that continues to be the champions at helping people improve their chances of recovering and preserving their health naturally by advocating the importance of the 5 Essentials and expertly checking the spine and nerves; followed by important spinal correction procedures with proven track records.

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