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The Wellings live in a major urban center and unfortunately their city is one of the most polluted cities on the planet (no joke). Normally, if a person lives right with healthy food and regular exercise habits it is reasonable to expect that they can get by without having to take food supplements to stay healthy. That is not the case when a family lives where they are exposed to daily pollution.

There are three reasons why we almost all need daily food supplements.

Reason #1.
Free radicals are an atom or group of atoms that has at least one unpaired electron and is therefore unstable and highly reactive, that attach themselves to otherwise normally active enzymes and complex molecules that your body depends on to maintain a healthy metabolism and homeostasis.  The free radicals attach themselves to key metabolically active locations on the healthy enzyme and thereby reduce its ability to work effectively in the body. In other words it ties up otherwise normally functional complex molecules the body needs and that messes things up. Including adequate amounts of anti-oxidants with vitamins will  reduce this negative situation.

Reason #2.
Foods can’t supply you with what you need in many cases. So you think you are eating right but what real nutritive value do these foods actually bring to your body cells? There are 7 billion people on Earth and technological advancements to produce food to feed us all has altered the quality of the soil where we grow these foods. It is no surprise that testing of foods reveals that they are nutritionally less potent than foods used to be coming out of the farms. End result, good food but compromised nutritional quality. Let’s not forget how we destroy much of what’s left by the way we cook with heat and preserve our foods by microwaving them.

Reason #3.
Healing from an injury or infection is a time when the body has to really focus its available micronutrients into the processes of recovering and restoring healthy tissues. This is a time when the body needs its reserves and tap into a higher dosage of building blocks to respond in a timely way to the needs at the moment. This will deplete some existing reserves that need to be replaced and this is also a time to provide more than enough nutritive for the healing needed. Some times we need to increase our food supplements to strengthen our natural immunity.

I recommend two food supplement brand names because of their availability, high quality manufacturing and completeness of supplement formulations. They are Nu-Skin brand Pharmanex and USANA. Sadly though their companies have elected to market their products using Multi-Level Marketing schemes. So there is no store you can go to buy them, you need to find a local distributor but you also have the option to sign up and purchase directly as a user/distributor. My offices can connect you with a distributor.
Call +63-2-812-6903.

In closing I am encouraging people to evolve their understanding of when to use food supplements and to more wisely invest in their health. Caution is given to consuming trendy, popular nutritional products that the manufacturer promotes about their product’s unusual value. Realise that although a chiropractor like myself has undergone 2 formal years of nutritional training and MD has only had two hours in comparison. Only a comprehensive view of micronutrients will best serve your body. Food supplements should not be used as remedies to treat disease but more so to build your body’s natural health potential.

Yours in Health,

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