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What causes Leg Pain?

Chiropractic AngelIn leg pain the soft tissues that are damaged are responsible for the pain. These tissues are mainly ligaments, hip cartilage, muscle, and tendons occasionally from nerves, blood vessels and bone. So when the correct tissues are identified the solution becomes much clearer. Naturally, the body initiates a full healing process, but often enough the healing is incomplete, leaving scar tissues and weakened structures that cause instabilities of the joints. Over time these misalignments contribute to degenerative joint disease.

  • occasionally people experience broken leg bones but although these injuries appear to be more serious they usually have a near complete resolution, unlike soft tissues that may only partly heal. Looking at the different tissues they are injured or irritated by several things:
  • Ligament pain is caused by excessive stretching and tearing of the partly elastic fibers due to acute trauma (accidents, injuries) or due to structural stress from poor feet arches or pelvic rotations.
  • Cartilage pain is caused by inflammation and compressive forces due to joint deterioration.
  • Muscle pain is caused by overuse that makes the muscle fibers tear or become inflamed; this due to overexertion or injury.
  • Tendons become painful for the same reasons ligaments hurt. Hamstrings that are too tight stress the pelvis and knees.

Fortunately a person can have their legs checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic who is extensively trained in muscular skeletal care for both sports injuries and non-sports related leg problems.

Unfortunately, too many people know little to nothing about chiropractic and over time they see their leg problems become increasingly more complicated. Time is not your friend in situations like this.

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  • Reply
    Jose Jovy V. Jacalne
    01/23/2014 at 12:25 am

    I had an operation between L-4, L-5, after the operation i feel much better but after 4 months i feel pain on my rigth hamstring and on my right hips and buttocks that causing me not to walk and i was bed ridden for 4months. Now i recovered a little bit but the pain still there and my big problem right now is i cant walk straightly because my muscle from right side pulling it. Hope you can help me

    • Reply
      01/23/2014 at 3:47 pm

      There are always risks associated with undergoing surgery but your report seems incomplete as to what took place after the surgery to explain why the new or exacerbated right leg condition. It is wise to seek a non-surgical spinal expert in a situation like this to perhaps avoid a second surgery however, expected results under chiropractic is 100% depenent on the integrtity of your nervous system. This we can check. Where do you live so a referral can be made? docMIKE

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