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Wellness Reflections: Integrity

Integrity is the word we use to describe a state of wholeness. When a person does every single thing perfectly, that is in harmony with who they really are, we say the person is a person of integrity. Moral shorthand for the word integrity is the commonly misapplied term “right vs wrong.” But it works for now.

The 10 Steps To Restoring
Integrity and Wholeness:

  1. Make a list of the 10 ways you are currently not in integrity.
  2. Get to the source of each and every item; resolve all fully.
  3. Make a commitment to start living in integrity, as you see it.
  4. Let go of at least 10 shoulds, coulds, woulds, oughts, wills.
  5. Involve a coach or other strong, able person to help you.
  6. Start getting 50% more reserve than you feel you need.
  7. Get to 95+ on Addictions & Conditions program
  8. Stop hanging out with people who are not the best models.
  9. Eliminate adrenaline and other unhealthy “rushes” in your life.
  10. Let go of everything that you know is not good for you.

Integrity is the result of having the following 3 conditions in one’s life:

  • Completeness
  • Alignment
  • Responsibility

We go into each of these over the next several months, but want you to be aware of them now and looking for them when each is discussed. Briefly, one has integrity when:

  1. One is complete with the past and the present. That is, they have corrected any wrongs, fully communicated any withholds or upsets with another, made personal changes to make sure their life works well and fully complete every task and job one does.
  2. One’s life is aligned and balanced. That is, one’s goals are aligned with one’s values, one’s actions are based on what is true, not a fantasy or delusion and one’s commitments are aligned with one’s vision or purpose. (In other words, one’s life is aligned with something bigger than just oneself or one’s ego.)
  3. One is responsible for all that occurs in one’s life. Not responsible like to be “blamed for” or having caused the problems. Rather responsible like handling whatever occurs in one’s space and then make necessary adjustments so this type of problem does not occur again. When one is responsible, one doesn’t blame or complain; they handle it.

(excerpts from Thomas Leonard, Father of Coaching)

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