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The Pandemic Belly Bulge

The Pandemic Belly Bulge (Bilbil)

The pandemic belly bulge, or as said in Filipino “meron pandemic bilbil” has become the new epidemic that will precipitate the incidence of Diabetes for the coming decades. The World Health Organization has estimated that in 2020, 50% of the Filipino population was at risk of developing Type II Diabetes Mellitus (DMII). The predominant clinical determinant of the threat of Type II Diabetes is a higher waist to hip ratio. We are seeing an epidemic of obesity, especially notable is the increase in belly fat of the majority of the population, also seen in the children population.

A pandemic comes and after everyone is infected and has acquired natural immunity there are very few serious concerns about this disease for the rest of our lives. Vaccines and certain medications were useful during the pandemic, but these are not consumed for the rest of one’s life. The same cannot be said about Diabetes. Obesity causes the downhill slide in health starting with obesity, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinism, hypertension, etc. This syndrome is called the Metabolic Syndrome that results in a cascading series of signs and symptoms eventually leading to advanced health conditions and premature death from heart disease, stroke, and other Diabetes-related conditions.

Because of rolling quarantine lockdowns, people have been restricted from regular daily exercise and physical activities off and on for two years already. Yes, especially the children attending school virtually at home and not being allowed to play outside. By anyone’s estimation, the increase in waist to hip ratio seen in the general population will tilt the statistics for DMII above 50% in the coming decades. The solution is to start a national campaign to get 50% of the nation to lose their Pandemic Bilbil. What is needed is a pro-active Public Relations campaign that clearly and specifically outlines simple but effective lifestyle changes to restore people’s metabolism and burn up that belly fat.

Hyperlipidemia and hyperinsulinism bring the death toll of millions all over the world. Nobody was infected with this condition because it is not a disease to be treated, it is a behavioral condition that needs to be addressed directly. All that is needed is some decent sports shoes and clothes with great guidance and motivation, not more expensive drugs.

Who should spearhead this campaign? Certainly not the DOH who has not even considered this looming epidemic of DMII. Medical professionals find their solutions with medicines. The Bilbil is not the result of a disease in almost all cases so we need a different scientific authority. What we need are experts in Natural Health. In come the Chiropractors who are uniquely trained in lifestyle correction for the prevention of dis-ease (not disease) which is a loss of ease or the natural expression of vitality or health. Experts with real solutions.

Those of you who have already been regular visitors of docMIKEblog will not find this a new topic as I have extensively written specifically about all these individual factors contributing to health lost and health regained. Permit me to introduce to you the best candidate to undertake this Public Heath campaign for Filipinos to lose 10,000,000 inches of belly fat this year.

2022 is the year Mabuhay Health has been launched as an online membership and community activity company. Commissioned with the purpose to bring simple and effective natural health solutions to the masses through Internet-based information services and to create virtual communities of like-minded individuals. all members sharing their experiences and successes.

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