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Chiropractic Care and the Flu

Chiropractic Care and the Flu (Adapted from the Portugese Chiropractic Association) When one combines proper lifestyle and chiropractic spinal adjustments to improve the nervous system, these healthier people are less likely to get sick and they have a greater ability to avoid serious consequences and to recover from the flu. The immune system protects us from any infectious disease and fights to improve when we get sick. The interaction between the nervous and immune systems are well known scientifically so…

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Stress… the greater evil out of the coronavirus scare

Stress… the greater evil out of the corona-virus scare Our children are told not to attend school and we have a resistance to go into public places. Yet millions of Filipinos commute every day to work and are not contracting the virus. But we worry! That is completely understandable. Perceived threat is real stress for each of us at this time. But actual threat is extremely minimal. (3-10-20) After weeks of enhanced community quarantine, USA policy makers have deemed that…

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