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Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics is #1 in the Philippines (11 of 12)

Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics is #1 in the Philippines


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MCC has maintained the superior leadership position of the entire profession in the Philippines. Here is their story and the standards that make MCC the number one provider of chiropractic services and of professional leadership.
Reason #11 of 12.


Public Health education promotes good posture and offers information to the public about those special areas of health care best helped by the legitimate chiropractors in our communities. This is principally accomplished through our Public Health Department we named Mabuhay Health. The purpose of this department is to build the largest community of chiropractic followers in the Philippines. People can join initially with P1,000 to gain access to the natural and holistic health information provided to our Silver Members each month growing everyone’s knowledge on how to improve their health and lifestyle naturally for a healthier and longer quality of life. The Gold Members get to actually experience three sessions of chiropractic services for only P7,900 along with all the same benefits as the Silver members. The third category of membership is the Platinum Membership which is Free and it is only offered by invitation. The qualifications for a Platinum member is for the regular chiropractic patients who have completed their initial care plans, extended their care into a maintenance plan, and have shared their personal story, encouraging others to benefit from chiropractic care themselves.

Become a Mabuhay Health Member: Register Here for your membership

Our platinum members have the opportunity to join in several community activities that promote chiropractic such as volunteering in chiropractic missions and assisting in lobbying for the Chiropractic Act submitted in Congress in 2022, as well as supporting the recruitment efforts for students to register for the formal chiropractic university education program, to become one of the thousands Filipino chiropractors to graduate in the Philippines over the next decade; thereby creating the manpower needed to bring chiropractic to every corner of the nation. These activities support the MCC vision for the sustainable development of the Chiropractic profession in the Philippines. A plan is so ambitious that it requires massive support and input from the citizens of the Philippines who are helping their immediate families and loved ones and contributing to the legacy of developing a Western standard non-drug and non-surgical natural healthcare profession for their descendants as well.

All twelve topics demonstrate the clear leadership of the Mabuhay group of companies in the Chiropractic field, in the Philippines. Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics, Mabuhay Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinics, and Mabuhay Health.

  1. Vision, 2. Mission, 3. Largest,       4. Locations,    5. Manpower, 6. Custom care,
  2. Payment plans, 8. People-Centered policies, 9. Health Registries, 10. Research,
  3. Public Health promotion,      12. Annual Mr. & Ms. Posture Pageant Philippines.

The pledge of your support and to become a part of this national movement begins with an appointment with one of the warm and friendly staff and qualified foreign chiropractor Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics has placed in your community or in a community near you.

Experience Mabuhay today and live healthier painless lives.
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