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Life and UNTIL Death

Life Until Death

Life and UNTIL Death

Living large means living in the present. At least that’s what we are taught, more or less. The other day I heard a conversation between philosophers where one said to the other: “Beginning at birth we are all qualified for death.” My first thought on hearing that was “well, that’s a bit harsh… but also true.”

Life Until DeathAs a 40+ year, Natural Health practitioner my perspective is different than most people’s, and so that incident started me thinking about the depth and significance of that statement and I see three specific points to ponder.

1. We didn’t have any say so in our birth. That is our reality.
2. We are all eventually going to die, so that is also a hard reality.
3. Life as we know it is the entire span between these two events.

The life we live in the context of what was said at first about all being qualified to die is an exception to the reality that we cannot control our birth or stop our death. The exception is that we do have control over what happens between these two events, or UNTIL death.

In essence, our existence is all about what we do or don’t do UNTIL death.

I realize it sounds somewhat morbid to keep putting the period or the end, or repeating the word death when we say life is what we do “until death,” yet it serves the purpose of this article. To help us keep the right mindset and strength of character as life’s guide, I will share with you some thoughts, perhaps provocative in some way by breaking down U-N-T-I-L to inspire your reflection and positive actions to take in your personal life that gives you more control on the quality of that life you are living, until death.
[Understanding, Nobility, Tenacity, Intent, and Love]

UNDERSTANDING. The formal definition of understanding is having the insight or good judgment, comprehension, or being sympathetically aware of other people’s feelings. This can involve the pursuit of new knowledge, that you filter through commonsense and experiences, that hopefully lead to the right actions.

NOBILITY of purpose. We have read that without purpose people will perish. Nobility is that source code that makes us seek out our purpose for a life of impact to the people that we engage in life. When we do reach the end of our lives and expect to feel justified that we ran the race well and validated that we lived a meaningful life, Nobility is the key to unlocking your most valiant character, DNA traits.

TENACITY. The secret to life’s success as you define it is to never grow weary and to never quit. I found these definitions and you can select the one that best reflects your philosophy: the quality or fact of being very determined; or, the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence. I like this last one suggesting a longer “until death” period.

INTENT. The “why” being manifested in your purpose requires making conscious decisions and acknowledging personal accountability. Best quote: “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.” However knowledgeable, noble, or tenacious you are it must be coupled with resolve or determination that helps you focus your power.

LOVE. As it is written in Corinthians: 1-13, “if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.” With all the opportunities of life and the talents we are given it is paramount to always remember that without love, all is in vain. Countless studies have shown that the love, validation, and acceptance that comes with relationships, even with pets, can add to our longer and healthier lives. A nice touch to top off this topic.

So live life boldly, embrace knowledge, manifest your purpose with character, and focus with a solid base in a life blessed with love… until death.

Yours in Real Life,

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