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Vaccination discussionImmunization is regarded in certain circles as the sacred practice of “medicine at its best” while in other circles immunization is viewed as toxic to children and people in general; highly over rated as a preventative tool that only supports Big Pharma’s agenda for profit. Well that’s a pretty wide range to consider: Prophet or profit? Preventative or pernicious?

You will need to decide this for your own family so please do plenty of research with the following in mind, everything you read, including this blog, will have a slanted agenda that supports their particular point of view. Be wise, be widely read and then decide for yourself.

This writer has done his due diligence and has come to certain conclusions that have been reflected in personal and family decisions.You should not automatically agree with this perspective unless you can claim having done and equal amount of study on the subject.

I am the father of six children and grandfather of eight. In my family both extreme points of view have been practiced and there are measurable outcomes worth noting, as we have first hand seen the outcomes of earlier years of blind adherence to our trusted schools and pediatricians and later years reflecting a more self-aware and conservative approach to his topic.

My first three children were immunized as “expected” and they experienced a wide range of immunity problems and challenges we find to be attributed to their childhood vaccinations. There are horror stories being circulated on the Internet of unfortunate consequences of reactions to vaccinations by their children and I am relieved to say we were not that unfortunate; more the average type of excessive allergies not seen by the younger three children that were not vaccinated, the types of issues most frequently reported by families. My last two children were born at home, never immunized and ever saw the inside of a pediatrician’s office as they were healthy children. There were typical minor emergencies that required short-term medical attention but no shots, ever. That was our choice and there is a significant difference between the older and younger children in my family.

Now, you go and do your own research. I won’t try to steer you to one website or another, just do your due diligence and see on what side of the fence you find yourselves. The point here? There is more than one side to any topic and since this one involves your kids… don’t just blindly follow what the doctors are doing or telling you without checking it out on your own. I am glad I was fortunate to be exposed to both side of this topic to make better family decisions.

Yours in Real Life,

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