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Chiropractic and Gastritis, natural options

Chiropractic and Gastritis, natural options

Early college year exam stress has Christian Welling doubling over with stomach pains. The doctors say he has gastritis. Why is it that when people undergo stress that some people get stomach problems like gastritis or GERD, while others get headaches or others experience diarrhea or still something else? Since 1895 Chiropractic has understood that these problems may be tied to nerve interferences that result from spinal misalignments, called Vertebral Subluxations.

As we look at the chart of the Autonomic Nervous System it illustrates the pathways for the Sympathetic (yellow)  and Parasympathetic (blue) nerve groupings.

Why spinal misalignments affect the natural performance of the nervous system is explained by the physiological process called FACILITATION. That is, when a nerve is repeatedly stimulated it becomes easier to evoke a response with a lighter and lighter stimulus. This means that the same stimulus will then produce a greater and greater response than normal and cause a greater than normal physiological performance. When this takes place to the nerves that go to the stomach this can cause a greater secretion of gastric juices which then becomes damaging to the inner walls of the stomach producing the pain / gastritis.

How does this explain Christian’s stomach pains? Since he has experienced prior spinal misalignments and these are subject to the physical stresses of his exam studies and mental stress that goes with testing, these particular areas of the spine that affect the nerves to the stomach have been over stilumated. Had his prior misalignments been more in the neck area, the stress would have given him a headaches instead.

If you can follow that rationale then you can explain why someone may suffer other health issues due to stress. It could affect the lower pelvic organs when the misalignment is located in the lumbar or pelvic region causing irregular menstruation in one person; while another would have diarrhea.

The lesson to get here is that people suffer many health problems because of nerve interference. This remains the cornerstone of why Chiropractors have helped millions of people with such a diverse array of health related problems.

Have you had your spine checked yet?

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