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AllergyRed, itchy watering eyes, sinus congestion, post nasal drip, coughing and even skin reactions, etc. are commonplace signs of allergic reactions to something (an allergen) the body was exposed to, internally or externally. In technical terms an “allergen” is a foreign substance that stimulates an allergic reaction in the body. The reaction is mostly due to histamines in the body that over respond during an inflammation cycle. That is why over-the-counter medications that have anti-histamines are the common medications taken to relieve these symptoms.

Chiropractic, a modern non-drug natural healthcare profession, looks at this problem and raises the question: “What happened inside the body to make one person react this way when the other person that was exposed to the very same stimulus did not have an allergic reaction?”

Two possible scenarios exist here:

  1. the “allergen” caused the allergic reaction, or
  2. the body reacted poorly to the exposure to the allergen

Since we know that only some people will suffer an allergic reaction it cannot be the allergen that is the real cause, can it? In fact, it is the fault of the body in those susceptible individuals that reacted. So let’s ask the next logical question: “What is different about these susceptible individuals?”

Chiropractors know from clinical experience that when the nervous system is under stress because of spinal misalignments, the body will make inappropriate responses to various stimuli such as from target allergens for example. It’s the lack of health or a healthy nervous system that sets up an individual to become allergic to things in their world.

Often, health problems are just that, a poor or inappropriate response to normal situations as seen in allergies. Not to say that there may not be some congenital predisposition but unless or until the spine is evaluated properly by a chiropractor, there is a missed opportunity to find lasting results, especially if someone sincerely seeks health without drugs.

That is the chiropractic promise: to help people regain their health, without drugs. Have you had your spine or your kid’s spine checked yet?
Make that important appointment.

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    Common Allergies
    07/04/2013 at 8:12 am

    Did you know it’s possible to be allergic to beer? In a recent study from Italy, they found a 45-year-old man who was indeed allergic to 36 different types of beer, and that there were two types he could safely drink.

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    07/15/2013 at 10:04 am

    Interesting trivia. The question isn’t what two beers he wasn’t allergic to… the correct question is why he is allergic to any at all? Allergies are a sign of a nervous or hormonal system gone amuck. Fix that and the body restores normal function where allergies just don’t happen. The neurological problem can be found at the upper part of the thoracic spine. The hormonal aspect would be more likely an upper cervical concern. In either scenario properly administered chiropractic spinal adjustments would resolve the underlying problem. Oh, and no need for drugs! Be well.

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