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Sports and Chiropractic Care Life is great when you can enjoy your favorite activities and sports is a common activity of interest for so many people. Unfortunately, there are times when these sports related activities cause you injury. As a result, either immediately or gradually – you’re unable to continue enjoying your sport because of injuries that did not heal. Sort of insult over injury. Nature has a great capacity for healing; however, there are times when interventions are necessary,…

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Mary Welling has been over enjoying the Christmas Holidays. It happens! We enjoy and enjoy all the goodies, the large meals and especially the great variety of lamb, beef, chicken, duck and seafood. The stomach expressed its moments of disturbances but self resolved rather quickly. But to Mary’s surprise she began to develop right knee and left big toe pains. The great toe was especially painful after visiting the malls and after walking back home from Sunday church. If you liked this post, say…

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Knee Care 2x2x2

The knee is a strangely designed joint, don’t you think? In part that is why so many people suffer from knee pain caused by cartilage and/or ligament deterioration. It is mainly the inflammation these cause that is responsible for the pain; the heat, swelling and pressure, the irritation, etc. Problem is that these conditions can’t just get fixed once and for all. So today I will share a simple but amazingly effective home care procedure anyone can do on their…

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