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President Duterte’s Neck Problem

President Duterte’s Neck Problem

President Duterte is frequently seen on TV being interviewed or making speeches and he has what may seem to some as a nervous tic on the right side of his neck. Looking at this interview photo we see, as we see so many times, how he props up the right side of his head.

pres-duterte-neck As a spinal expert I see that as a sign of cervical instability. Chiropractors learn a lot about body biomechanics, biochemistry, physiology above most other physicians in order to perform our duty as holistic, naturalistic and vitalistic doctors in the care of our patients. One such focus is body positioning.

I propose that one day President Duterte will undergo a full and proper chiropractic evaluaton, and once the underlying neck problem is identified, we may look for this physical behavior to improve and for the President to have a healthy neck again.

As I often walk through malls, having several of our clinics located in malls like Mall of Asia, Glorietta, SM Bacoor, Robinsons Place, Ayala Fairview, etc. I take note of the way people walk and of their personal posture. In our blog on posture I am quoted as saying: “As the eyes are the mirror to your soul, Posture is the mirror to your health.” As people are seen in their everyday activities it becomes clear to the trained eye what structural problems or dysfunctions are present.

One day the Philippines will have a College of Chiropractic so that bright young men and women can study locally to stay and help their country’s advancing disability concerns. One day the Philippines will have a law on Chiropractic to recognise who is a qualified chiropractor and stop the many fake chiropractors from making false claims and putting the public at risk. One day chiropractors will be found in every city and barangay in the country.

Perhaps if President Duterte becomes familiar with the chiropractic profession first hand that there will be others who will become interested in helping to grow this profession, so badly needed in the Philippines and other developing countries.

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